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Website:The original Sims Journal of iliveforsleep
This is my second Sims journal, the first being linked, hopefully above this bio. Why do I need two Sims journals, well, I wanted a journal that was a bit cleaner than the other one without feeling like the only way I could do that being delete everything and start over. You see, I am very bad at finishing things, great at starting them, but not so good at completing them. This is not how I was when I was working, but some health issues have made it so that completing even simple tasks can be difficult and I tend to like taking Sims projects to the extreme so what would probably be a simple thing to complete if I just sat down and did the basics turns into a huge task, never to be completed because something goes wrong and I want everything to be perfect. I have gotten better about not worrying about perfection, in my current state perfection is next to impossible to achieve, and while this is disappointing, it is probably for the best even if my health does improve.

I will still be using the other journal as well, it will have links to post made here, but there will also be posts there that do not go here. This journal should be strictly posts with pictures of what has happened in the game so far generally preceded by a planning post, meaning the post that explains what the posts coming after it are going to try to achieve. My hope is that having a journal that is fresh and clean and I will not worry about continuing any previously started game plays on will give me the ability to actually complete something that I have set out to do. The other journal will have links to posts on here, but there will also be posts about how things are going in between the posts with the pictures, like about why it is taking so long to get the next post up. While these posts would technically go along with the theme of this journal, I tend to ramble a lot, and before you know it i am posting about what I did over the weekend and I really want to keep this a strictly Simming Journal. I also plan to not start new plans until the current plan is completed, in fact, I am not going to even start planning something new until I have finished whatever I am currently working on because then I will just want to do the new thing before the current thing is finished because I am bad about things like that when it comes to The Sims and related products, then again, I am very much an "ooo shiny" kind of person so that is not much of a surprise.

Pictures will be posted in the form of an album from a slide sharing site because unfortunately my HMTL abilities, which weren't bad according to the head of design and layout for the last place I worked, have gone down and frankly, just thinking out the code currently gives me a migraine and I am trying to avoid those when possible. Slides are written with the understanding that they are really only readable on full screen mode so I would recommend using that as in the default mode you won't be likely to be able to read anything.
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